Healthcare for All

Our healthcare system is broken. Pennsylvania is primed to be a state leader by guaranteeing comprehensive, universal health care for ALL Pennsylvanians by passing Medicare-for-All legislation that will save us money, create jobs and save lives.

This bill will ensure the elderly are protected, those that lose their jobs will not go without care, and spirited entrepreneurs will be free to build their businesses without fear of a diagnosis setting them back. A universal, single-payer system in Pennsylvania will provide all residents with high-quality care, including dental, vision, prescription drugs, physical and occupational therapy, and mental health services without co-pays, premiums, and deductibles.

By streamlining the current systems, reducing insurance administrative costs, and removing the profiteering of private insurance shareholders, a Pennsylvania Single Payer system would actually decrease the financial burden of health care for PA residents.

Opioid addiction and overdose deaths are soaring across our country and hurting our neighbors and family members right here in our district. This system will treat those suffering from a substance abuse addiction with humane, affordable and accessible medical care, not a jail sentence.

Economic Inequalities

The current flat tax in the Pennsylvania Constitution results in us having the sixth most regressive tax structure in the nation. One percent of Pennsylvanians are paying less than half of what middle-class residents pay. I’m committed to making sure folks pay their fair share to ensure that the systems and services that fostered their growth and success remain accessible and sustainable for future generations. 

Housing as a Human Right

District 21 contains neighborhoods that are rapidly being developed. While it is a beautiful sight to see storefronts that are no longer boarded up but, for many, this sign of a neighborhood thriving introduces a fear of displacement. We need to create legislation that protects tenants and prioritize funding for housing that is affordable and equitable. 

Excellent Public Schools for All

Public Education is an American value that we’ve slowly and methodically defunded over the past 50 years. As a North Hills graduate myself, I know firsthand the impact a solid public school education can have on a person’s life and ability to succeed. Upward mobility – the cornerstone of the American Dream – has over the past few decades become more myth than reality for the vast majority of children growing up in low-income communities. One important factor that continues to be correlated with a child’s ability to thrive economically is the strength and quality of public schools in the area starting in Pre-K, the most crucial developmental time in a child's life.

Build Stronger Communities

Having spent most of my professional career working for and alongside community-based organizations, I know there is not a lack of innovative ideas, positive energy, and grit to tackle the greatest challenges facing our neighborhoods in Allegheny County. By expanding the Neighborhood Assistance Program (NAP) and Neighborhood Partnership Program (NPP), investing in infrastructure and expanding public transportation offerings, we can create stronger foundations on which communities and their dedicated residents can thrive.

Reform Pennsylvania Politics

Despite being the sixth most populous state, Pennsylvania is one of the most expensive state governments to run. Millions of taxpayer dollars are going towards unitemized reimbursements for our elected officials. Campaign finance laws are virtually nonexistent, and special interest dollars line Harrisburg’s elected officials’ pockets. 

I vow to not take dollars from corporate groups and report all donations openly.

Protect Small Businesses & Workers' Rights

As a small business owner myself, I understand the hustle people have to go through to have a business that supports themselves and their families. I want a state that rewards the entrepreneurial spirit, not hinders it with antiquated policies and unfair corporate tax loopholes. 

I also know that these small businesses and our economy cannot thrive on overworked and underpaid employees, which is why I support raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour, tied to inflation, and the unionization of employees. 

Fight for Women's Rights

In honor of the Black women who have advanced the conversation around Reproductive Justice, I pledge to amplify their work. The conversation needs to extend beyond just a "right to choose" and into a place where we craft legislation that protects a woman's bodily autonomy and allows the decision of when to start a family to remain a personal choice. 

In addition to securing access to safe and legal abortion regardless of ability to pay and geographic location, we should also strive for folks to have access to affordable and free birth control, comprehensive sex education, STI prevention and care, alternative birth options and adequate prenatal and pregnancy care. Families of all backgrounds deserve to thrive in safe and sustainable communities – free of violence and economic hardships.

Safeguard our Environment & Our Community Health

The Pennsylvania Constitution says that we have the right to clean air and clean water, but the General Assembly has prioritized corporate and industry interests over human beings for far too long. This is illustrated by the flooding in Millvale, the high rates of asthma throughout Allegheny County (the Greater Pittsburgh Region has some of the worst air quality in the entire country), and our drinking water is poisoned by lead.   

We cannot continue to let these antiquated, destructive industries operate without being held accountable. 
Our environment and our people are at stake.